Hi everyone and welcome to my newest blog. I decided to create that blog because I have A LOT to share with you guys. I wanted to talk about many different subject that most people don’t really talk about because they are ashamed or embarrassed but don’t forget beauty relies in the eye of the beholder. Only you can judge yourself. I will only try to give you advice and tips and maybe some knowledges that I have acquired over the years. I think that by making small changes in your everyday life you can definitely feel more confident thus happier. Any mild skin condition can be treated whether it is with the use of different creams or with a more drastic approach like a diet change or supplement addition. Your skin is only a reflection of your insides, yes everything you put in your stomach will show on your face since your stomach is your 2nd brain do not forget that. I have seen so many cases where people would just adjust their diet a little and the skin changes would be drastic. I can talk about that because I have myself tried so many things on me, I consult numerous dietitians, dermatologists,gastroenterologist because I firmly believe that YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT.

I hope that in some way I will make your life better even if it is just a little.