My 2018 Beauty Picks

As 2018 ends I will sum up the products that have been part of my routine.

2018 came with lots of innovative products that have improved my daily routine. I consider my routine as a relaxing moment, a moment for myself where I get to pamper myself. I have tried many products that were released in 2018 and I can say some have even impressed me.

I judge a beauty product on many criteria but the most important one of them is efficiency. By that I mean the products needs to deliver but also it needs to adapt to multiple usage. I am always looking for products that can do many things at the same time. This being because I am always on the go, therefore my beauty case has limited space. I need to choose my products wisely.

  1. La Roche Posay, Toleriane Riche

I used this cream for most of 2018. I have been travelling a lot this year and my skin has been having a minds of its own. I am usually more into cosmetic brands that have a anti-aging effect. However my skin has been prone to redness and I have been doing some laser sessions and using a medical cream called Soolantra. I need to choose a cream that would heal my skin and not interact with anything else. I still looked for a very rich cream that would repair my epidermis. I was pleasantly surprised with Toleriane hence it becoming my 2018 moisturizer.

2. Shiseido, Future Solution LX, eye and lip cream.

I have been using La Mer eye concentrate for many years. I decided to try a new cream, I wanted something with a thicker texture because my skin felt dehydrated. After lots of research I ended up buying this cream. The textures is extremely rich which is unusual for an eye cream which are suppose to have a lighter consistency. I started using this cream around my eyes and lips. After couple weeks I have noticed a real difference, my skin was smoother and softer around the areas of concern. Also it seems like this cream never ends which for me justifies its elevated price.

3. Erborian BB Cream Nude

I have never really considered this brand because I had my favorite foundation for a while. I was in Sephora at the counter and they have all these mini formats. I though for travelling I would get it so its fit in my beauty case. I had some apprehension since I was not familiar with the brand. I tried it this summer and I was immediately seduced. What I look for in a foundation is the lightness of it. I do not need full coverage because my skin aside for some redness from time to time is pretty good. My goal is just to unify the face without covering it. I need to skin to show through the foundation. This is exactly what this products does. It will give your skin the right tint and show skin nevertheless. It is the perfect product for a natural make up that you can wear anytime. The texture is still very creamy which I love so my skin does not dry up during the day.

4. Nars, Radiant Creamy Concealer

As far as concealers go, I decided to try the Nars Creamy Concearler. After reading so many positive reviews as well as great youtube make up tutorials using that products I decided to see what all this fuss was about. It is indeed a great concealer because it lightens the area and covers all imperfection. The coverage is quite heavy. I do enjoy this concearler for the winter period. However I think it might be a bit heavy for sunnier days.

5. Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder Pressed

This powder was featured in many turorials as well. Victoria Secret angel, Candice Swanapowel recently posted a Youtube video of her make up routine and she included this product. I enjoy this powder since I already use the foundation and the concealer on top, a colored powder sounds like too much. Therefore this powder only delivers a matifying effect which is exactly what I need. This powder does not dry the skin which is great with any matiying product that do usually bring dryness.

6. Benefit Hoola Bronzing Powder

Benefit’s Hoola is still one of the pillar of bronzing powders. I did change and try couple of other powder but this year I went back to an oldie. The texture is very thing and does not cake. The color is perfect for lighter skin tones. It has a ashier tint to it which again is an important factor.

7. Charlotte Tilbury, Legendary Brows.

Charlotte Tilbury had to be part of my routine. I can never get enough of the ingenuity of her products. I have tried many brows gels but this one really does it for me. The problem with most brows gels is that they usually deliver too much product at the same time making clumps like a mascara would of lashes. The key is the microfiber slim brush that only deposits the right amount. The results is very natural and the colors all tend to have that great cold ashy tint.

8. Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler

I swear by eyelash curler I think they are the key to a beautiful looking eye. Before applying mascara it is essential in my opinion to use a curler. I like the Shu Uemura one because the pressure it adds of the lashes is quite strong which really bends the lashes. It designed in the way that even the shortest lashes get caught up.

9. Too Faced, Better Than Sex, Waterproof Mascara

I decided to switch to waterproof mascara because they are oil based. It happens to be that oil based mascara keep the shape better. I never understood why poeple used waterproof but now I will ONLY use that as well. I used to struggle with Panda Eyes, at the end of the evening I would come home with most of my mascara under my eye. Not the best look right.I think that waterproof mascara improved alot over the years because the texture is the same as a regular.

10. Charlotte Tilbury, Pillow Talk Lip Cheat

My lip pencil stays the same for 4 years now, I did try new ones but I always go back to the same. Her lip pencil really work wonders, they make the lips appear bigger. The color is just perfection, it mimicks the color of our lips.

11. Lanolip, 101 ointment

This was one of my favorite discovery of 2018. This lip balm is extremely glossy yet does not stick. Very hydrating and incredible smell. Highly recommended. When paired with a lip liner makes the lip appear very full.

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