What if you could melt your fat away ?

Today I am trying a treatment called Accent Prime it is a mix of radio frequency and Ultra sound. The promise of the Israeli designed machine is a breakage of fat cells and an improvement of the texture of the skin.

First of all, I want to say why I am trying this. I have a very healthy lifestyle, maybe even too healthy. I eat very balanced meals, rarely touch carbs or sugar. I work out 6 days a week. I do have some red wine from time to time. I am very strict I almost do not have cheat meals. I am happy overall with my body. However, I do feel that with the amount of efforts I am putting in the results are not matching my expectations. Therefore, I decided to get a little help. I am not a fan of all these machines mostly I am scared of them. I feel like some can do more damage than other.

I selected this machine based on quite extended research I have been doing for a while to really understand find the best appropriate solution to my problem. Both technologies used in this machine are already used in traditional everyday medicine

I get to the clinic that is located in the centre of Paris in the 8th arrondissement. The clinic is beautiful, very professional and clean looking. I feel in good hands. I go to check in and the nurse takes me to the room where the treatment will the performed. She briefly explains how it works and asks me what are my areas of concerns. Each session usually treats and area because it does take a certain amount of time around 40 minutes per area. This time i decide to treat my love handles. I lie down on my stomach, she puts a conducting gel on the love handles. She then takes the machine, it is a round divide with a metal end. That it the first part of the treatment. She massages the area for 10 minutes making sure to move quite quickly. The aim is to heat up the tissue to about 40 degrees to melt the fat. The sensation is like a heat wave sometimes it gets too hot so she just has to move quicker not to go over the same area. After the first step is done, she changes the handpiece. The 2nd handpiece looks like a massager. That step is used to work on the elasticity of the skin and its texture. The skin is a bit red at this point. The redness is a totally normal aspect of the treatment and will dissipate as soon as she finishes. When you are done you can take on your activities. There is zero downtime and no restrictions.

I will have to repeat the treatment 2 to 3 times in order to get real results. However even after the first sessions results will shows. The results that show the most are the quality of the skin it is definitely firmer. To lose inches it will take more time.


After having completed 3 sessions on each of the areas I wanted I can definitely say I am very pleased with the results. I had both a loss of centimetres as well as an improvement on the quality of the skin.

The treatment is very costly I have to admit. 500 Euros per area per session. I am still convinced that it is worth the money because I really saw a massive improvement. I have some stubborn areas that even with a healthy diet and numerous hours at the gym it just wouldn’t go away.

I would definitely recommend this procedure too someone that is struggling with problem areas and cannot get rid of them. If you have the means to do it then you definitely should.

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