Say bye bye to Cellulite


Cellulite… everyone just hates it! those little dimples that make your skin look uneven what a burden. Unfortunately, 90% of women carry cellulite even if it’s not visible. Cellulite is due to so many different factors like diet, exercise, genetics and so on. Personally, I have noticed that my cellulite has A LOT to do with circulation. Per example when I take a place my cellulite will definitely worsen even if I wear my compression socks which I NEVER FORGET. So in order to fight my cellulite, I need to make sure my blood circulation is good. You can do that in many different ways. A way that works for me, are massages and in particular, Martine de Richeville one.

Martine de Richeville treatment room in the center of Paris.

Martine de Richeville is known to be the pillar of cellulite destruction, and trust me when I say destruction I actually mean it. The massages consist of a technique of lifting up the skin and rolling it from one side to another in order to oxygenate the tissue. Indeed cellulite happens when the blood doesn’t flow correctly. The tissues get saturated. Think of it as if you have too many cars it will create a traffic jam well this works in the same way. In order to release that traffic jam, you will create some fluidity. When you manage to get the blood flow going correctly the cellulite will dissipate. The thing with these kinds of techniques is that they are not invasive at all since they are hand given, however, they need to be received on a regular basis. If you do one treatment and stop it will certainly not works. Recurrency is key here. Its all about finding the right balance.

A before and after picture after having the left leg worked on

Another very important thing that happens in her treatment is the lymphatic drainage. It consists of putting pressure on certain specific points where the lymph nodes are located. Lymph nods are extremely important. Think of them are the cleaning system of your organism. Sometimes these pipes get lazy and don’t evacuate the toxins well enough. Again that slows down the whole metabolism. Therefore it is very important to active the system on a regular basis in order for the elimination process to happen correctly.

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The treatment itself lasts 50 minutes, first, you lie of your back and the therapist activates the nodes in your stomach. Stomach being your second brain very important to always start there. After she stars the massage with the stomach pulling and bringing the skin in one and the other direction. Then follow the arms, legs and finally the back. She goes through the whole body. I cannot lie and say you will enjoy and relax, because you probably won’t especially in your first sessions. I grew into living the treatment, the pain became pleasurable, now I cannot go one week without getting it. It is definitely addictive. The treatment has a cost, it is an investment. I believe it is worth it. It costs 150 Euros and you do it once a week. I do it all year but 10 sessions will already give you incredible results. But again remember it is more of a maintenance process than a one-time thing.

Finish your treatment with a detoxifying cup of tea

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