How to : Healthy Glow

Finally some Sunday’s has appeared, it looks like this endless winter is over. With these temperature rises I feel like my skin needs some tint to it not to look cadaverous any longer…

I decided to buy a new self tanner something that hydrates and gives you a progressive glow. I used to love Jergens but they don’t carry that in the UK for in France. After having had a look around the internet on some reviews on new self tanner I settled with the Dove one.

Dove, DermaSpa, Summer revived.

Body lotion with self tanners for a natural bronze glow. I choose the darker shade from medium to dark skin.

Before I applied my self tanner I of course exfoliated with a new products as well.

Frank Body, Original Coffee Scrub. Exfoliator for smooth and glowing skin.

I really enjoy the packaging it is extremely easy to use. I opened the pack and the smell is amazing. The coffee smell is not too strong it has a sweet fragrance, very pleasant.

As the instruction tell you I went in the shower and rinsed my skin with water. I then started taking some small amount of the scrubs and going over all the areas of my body. The textures is really great. I am a fan of strong body scrub I need to feel the grains otherwise I feel like nothing is happening. So I apply it all over my body in circular motions and leave it on for 3 minutes like indicated. After that I rinse it of.

The skin has an amazing smooth feel to it and a great smell! I’m very happy with the result !

I get out of the shower dry myself and make sure I put moisturizer on the dry areas of my body so my hands, feet, knees and elbow. This is very important otherwise you will get streaks.

I then take a considérable about the Dove Self Tanner and I start working it in the skin in quick circular motion. I always start with the the top and make my way to the body.

The texture of the cream is very fluffy and hydrating. Very pleasant to apply.

After the application I make sure I wash my hands with soap to take off all the self tanner. I need take my moisturizer again and apply it on my hands.

With a stippling brush I take some self tanner and work that onto the back of my hands with the brush. A small quantity is enough. Hand are dryer than the rest of the body so it absorbs quicker. Don’t put any of your palms.

For the face I apply my regular cream, then I use the same technique as for the hands I apply a small amount of the brush and work it into my skin. Make sure to press the products into the hairline so you don’t have any lines.

That is it, this is my self tanning routine. Hope you enjoy this ! If you have any questions to do hesitate to contact me!


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