Studio 78 Review

Studio 78 is a Organic Certified brand launched in 2011. The founder Margareth decides to launch the brand after her visit to Los Angeles in 2008 where she gets the inspirtation because of the simple, green and healthier lifestyle.

Her motto is « We are what we consume».

Her brand is very simplistic, it only tends to add to your naturally beauty instead of altering it. The textures she uses are extremely airy and light. All the products are certified Vegan.


I decided to try some of her beauty products.


The Water Tint 

Ultra-light refreshing makeup.

Its fresh, liquid, two-phase skin tone texture combines a pigmented powder phase with a toning aqueous phase. Its matte finish makes the skin look flawless by refine the skin texture leaving a perfect complexion full of brightness.

At the heart of the formula : Avocado oil and Glycerin: provide moisturizing properties and longer lasting makeup. Sucrose palmitate: facilitates application, softens and provides an emollient action.

The formula has subtle golden pearls that reflect the light giving it its very natural finish.

How to Apply: Shake the bottle in order to mix both textures, put a few drops in your hand and apply directly after your moisturizer.

The Matifying Powder

New Generation of Organic Powders

This ‘Baked Earth’ offers a glow and a lasting finish that compares to all the regular brand that use chemicals. A synergy of mineral powders as well as organic vegetal oils that respect the skin. Truly fixating the makeup, this powder allows to modify the shiny areas and hide the imperfection. You can see from the pictures how airy the powder is, the finish is almost velvety. Extremely pleasant to wear. Does not dry the skin.

At the heart of the Formulas: Olive Oil Extract : helps with regenration

Camomile Oil : Healing properties

Coconut, avocado and Apricot oil : Hydrating, flourishing and soothing.

The package is weightless made out of paper, a miroir is included so you can touch up during the day.

How to Apply: Use a brush with circular motions, can be applied on top of foundation or by itself.

The Under Eye Concealer 

Sublimate your Stare

This creamy concealer with a velvety touch manages to discreetly hide the under eye bags and imperfections. It contains hydrating, revitalising and regenerating ingredients. It has a delicious smell of marshmallow.

At the heart of the Formulas: Olive oil extract : helps with regeneration

Sesaline: soothes and revitalizes the skin.

Wheat germ oil: Antioxidant properties that hydrate the skin in depth.

How to Apply: Before applying take a small quantity and heat it in between your fingers so the active ingredients are released. Tap the products into your skin in order to have a natural finish. You can use it as part of contouring also.








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