Leonor Greyl Hair Beauty Routine

Leonor Greyl the Pioneer of Organic Hair Care 

The brand :

The story of Leonor Greyl could ressemble to a modern fairy tale. It begins with the meeting of two passionate beings: her,Leonor, fan of beauty and health of the hair; him, Jean-Marie, an engineer and passionate about botany. Together they share the same desire: create hair care coming from natural origin. They were the pioneers of Organic haircare.With them, no market study or convoluted concept, but desires and intuitions very often avant-garde. The key, successes that are linked and creations that are required as cult products over the years. Today, it is Caroline Greyl, their daughter who took over with passion the direction of the House.

I will now review a Haircare Routine made of 4 products.


The essential pre-shampoo treatment!
This detangling, softening and beautifying oil will repair your lengths and spikes before shampooing.
In the summer, it is essential to protect the hair from the aggressions of the sun, sea baths or chlorinated water.
Copra oil: rich in fatty acids and lauric acid, its relipidante action brings a shine to the hair.
Mongongo oil: rich in fatty acids and vitamin E, it coats the hair with a natural protective lm.
How to Apply:
The combination of highly nourishing vegetable oils that repair and protect against chemical attack during hair straightening and color. Waterproof and protects from the sun.
The oil gets solid when it gets colder; simply pass the bottle under warm water to make it liquid. Apply on the dry lengths and tips in small quantities and brush the hair to distribute the product well. Leave for at least 5 min or overnight. Remove with a shampoo.

Price: 32,10 Euros for 95ml.



Dull and Tired Hair : This is your SAVIOR!

This ultra-nourishing shampoo gives life to the most altered hair thanks to its natural agents which condition and provide the necessary hydration. From the first use, the capillary fibre is restructured and regains strength and vitality.

Formula: Amaranth extracts: moisturize, nourish
and repair the hair.
Silk proteins: with softening, detangling and protective properties, restore softness and shine to the hair.
Sea lavender: Fortify and restructure the hair fibre.

How to Apply:
Ideal for dehydrated, denatured hair. Those who have abused of the straightening tools, colouring and chemical treatments.
Your hair instantly regains the ease of aging, shine, behaviour and beauty of healthy hair.
The inescapable demonstration, here!
A shampoo should last at least 3 min. Wet your hair well, then spread a little product on the roots. Massage by stimulating the scalp, and continue by gradually adding small amounts of water.
Price: 52 Euros for 200ml.



The Hair Mask for hair in loss of Vitality.

This mask was designed to restore the vitality and energize the hair. It brings hydration, softness and shine instantly. The texture is not too thick so it does not weight down your hair while still nourishing it.

FormulaAcacia Collagen: protects, moisturizes and nourishes the hair without adding any weight. Amino acids: with revitalizing properties for a shiny hair. Vegetable oils: soften and repair capillary hair for a softer, more supple hair.

How to Apply: A hair delicately scented with Jasmine flower, this nourishing mask is more concentrated in proteins than in oils to avoid overloading the hair. Wring out the hair after shampooing and apply the mask on the lengths and ends. Leave for 2 to 5 minutes before rinsing thoroughly. To detangle, pass a wide-tooth comb through the hair during rinsing. To optimize the repair, apply the mask on dry hair and leave for 20 minutes before shampooing.

Price: 42,50 Euros for 200ml.


Styling Serum for All Hair Type
This styling serum softens the hair and thus facilitates its styling. True protector of outside aggressions such as the sun or the drying effect of the hair dryer. It give the hair an every day boost, leaving it shiny soft and nourished. Does not weight the hair down. Great for hair that tends to be electrical.
Silk proteins: with softening, detangling and protective properties. Restore softness and shine to the hair thanks to its filmogenic effect. Vegetable oils of hazelnut, jojoba, wheat germ: soften and repair capillary fibre for a softer, more supple hair.
Algae extracts: condition the hair to smooth and regenerate tired hair and provide flexibility.
Guar gum: brings shine.
How to Apply:
This serum is the perfect product for hair without weighing it down.
Apply a small amount (two or three pumps) to wet or dry lengths and ends, then add product if necessary. Pass the brush or comb to smooth and distribute the product. It can be used before blow-drying or straightening the hair to protect the hair and make it easier to style. Do not rinse.

Price: 21,85 Euros for 75ml.

You can purchase these products here : https://www.jolimoi.com/13_leonor-greyl

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