Absolution Routine Review

The founder

“I have always been interested in cosmetics and have worked for many brands of cosmetics and perfumes. Each time, however, I felt that I was missing something … a certain sensitivity, more simplicity, an aesthetic that goes out of the codes … more freedom perhaps? In short, it was time to offer another approach to beauty that corresponds to everything I expected from a brand: efficiency, assertive design, pleasure, soul and … (the full wishlist is spared because too long!) ” Isabelle Caron


Wash your skin with water without a tugging sensation its possible.

Its cleansing gel texture dissolves makeup and impurities for deep cleaning. The skin is regulated and soothed.

Formula : 
Roman chamomile: calm irritations and reactions
cutaneous thanks to its de-stressing power.
White willow: slightly stimulates skin exfoliation
to regulate imperfections, tighten pores
and smooth the skin.
Oats: rich in nutritious and moisturizing proteins
and in anti-oxidant property, it is the ally of skins
sensitive and responsive.

A cleansing gel with softening properties varied organic composition: the hydrolyzate of lavender, Sage, bay and coconut oil, Aloe Vera juice and finally Bisalobol extract.

How to Apply : Mix with water, the gel transform into a foaming formula that is very pleasant to use.

Price: 29 Euros for 125ml.



Oh, my skin needs exercise?

Its cream texture, composed of micro-grains, softly scrubs the skin, gently stimulating and reviving its elimination and repair mechanisms. The skin regains its radiance and firmness.

FormulaMicro-algae Diatoms + AHA: micro-algae granulometry contributes to the mechanical exfoliating action and the fruit acids (extracts of Blueberry, Lemon, Orange, Cane Sugar and Maple) provide a more radiant complexion. Pulp of Sweet Almond and hazelnut oil: provide nutrition and softness to the skin. Amaranth seeds: rich in vitamins (vitamins E, C, B1) with antioxidant action, improve the elasticity and appearance of wrinkles while soothing sensitive skin.

How to Apply :  Ideal for cleansing impurities and rebalancing excess oil with Zinc while remineralizing the skin with rosemary hydrolysates. Leave for 1 to 2 minutes. Then massage with gentle and circular motions. Remove the dead cells and impurities by rinsing with cold water to soothe the skin. 

Price: 29 Euros for 50ml.


The power of oils in a universal care!
Its unique texture is as light and light as a serum. A formula that combines 27 oils and extracts of ers to provide their repairing, nutritive and protective power necessary for the balance of the skin.

Evening primrose and rosehip oils: regenerate the skin barrier, promote skin cell cohesion and tone the skin.
Plum and jojoba oils: contribute to a better hydration of the skin thanks to their nutritive properties.
Prickly pear oils: their anti-oxidant properties protect the skin from free radicals. White Lily Extract: prevents the pairing of brown spots.

How to Apply : This universal care is used in all seasons, day and night, according to your desires and mix and match with a cream.
Place 3 drops in the palm of your hand, rub them against each other to develop the scents. Inhale deeply to enjoy the benefits of the oils, then apply with ascending effects on slightly damp skin.

Price : 60 Euros for 30ml.


De-stress your skin at night.

Its creamy texture provides immediate comfort to the skin, this care rehydrates and restructures while reducing the micro muscular tensions. Fresh and rested skin … even after a little night!

Formula:  Argan oil: rich in vitamin E and omega 3, it restores the hydrolipidic lm of the skin. Marshmallow O cinale: this vegetable gum absorbs water to maintain skin hydration and gives it emollient and soothing properties. Magnesium: a natural anti-stress, it inhibits muscle twitches which, with time, dig wrinkles and fine lines.

How to Apply:  A care that is reinforced by a composition rich in Aloe Vera, hyaluronic acid, Jojoba, Sesame and Evening primrose oils, Grape polyphenols and essential oils of Ciste.  Let the cream penetrate. Then spread a hazelnut amount on the font, the wings of the nose, the chin and the cheekbones. Smooth the middle of the face outward.

Price: 60 Euros for 30ml.

You can purchase all there products here : https://www.jolimoi.com/6_absolution

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