Jolimoi February Beauty Box

Jolimoi the new Era of Beauty

It is a start up that was launched by 3 very complementary women. They managed to create a new kind of Online Beauty Marketplace. Their marketplace’s advantage is that it manages to take into consideration one’s personal needs and wants. It is completely adaptable. With an algorithm it captures one’s taste.

One on the website you are directed to a study, where very particular questions are asked in order to determine your needs. Once this is done the system looks for the most appropriate products for you. Basically trying to give you 100 percent match or close to it. This new era of beauty is astonishing.

I decided to try it out for myself.

  1. EVOLVE, Liquid Crystal Micellic Cleanser
  2. EVOLVE, Tropical Blossom Body Polish
  3. BACHCA, Kabuki Brush n 100
  4. ABSOLUTION, Nutritive Anti Aging Skincare
  5. SABE MASSON, Soft Perfume
  6. ABSOLUTION, Le Rouge 08 Sweet and Soft
  7. MANUCURIST, Green Base, Green Top Coat and Green Violeta
  8. STUDIO 78, Fard a Joue, On se promene

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