How to : The Jade Roller

The Jade Roller : Social Phenomenon 

There has been a real social media phenomenon about the Jade Roller but what is it all about ? Is it really worth it ?

So I was in London last weekend, in the beauty section of Selfridges I came across the Jade Roller I decided to get it. The sales lady briefly explained how to use it but it’s really not that complicated.

So I get home and pop the Jade Roller in my fridge because I though if it’s cooler it might be more beneficial. When I take it out it’s pretty cold, I apply a serum on my skin and start working the Roller on my jaw line vertically from bottom up always for a lymphatic drainage. I am extremely PLEASED with the feeling. The fact that the stone is cold really wakes your skin up immediately. People who have very tight jaw muscle like me you will see how it relaxes them at the same time it’s quite therapeutical.

After the jaw I start working the forehead in right to left motion. My favorite part I have to admit is actually the eye area. You turn the roller around and with the smaller hand piece you start working around the eye and that’s when you really notice the effect. The eyes de puff immediately.

You don’t need to do for a long time but I strongly recommend to incorporate it in your Dailey routine about 2 mins in the morning. You will feel refreshed and you face will look more radiant.

It’s very affordable as well it’s about 20 pounds. If you were also curious like me but hesitant you can now get it it’s worth it!

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