How to : Save Your Skin

How to calm IRRITATED and STRESSED OUT skin ?

At some point all of us experience a skin break down. The factors can be numerous. Sometimes your skin does not breathe enough, sometimes the weather conditions affect it and so on.

I had that recently, it never happened before so I was a bit lost at first. My first though was acne, but I have never had it before and there has been no hormonal changes since. I decided to go see a dermatologist.

My symptoms were the following: kind of a rash with lots of small red pimples, some would stay under the skin and make it look very bumpy and uneven. Not a great sight I can say. I decided to go to the dermatologist he diagnosed this as an allergy. I m still a bit sceptical about his diagnosis but I decided to give it a try.

He gave me a range of pharmaceutical creams. He said to use the least amount of tap water as it contains limestone.

My Routine : 

  1. Unmake up with a milk, TOLERIANE, LA ROCHE POSAY using a cotton and the milk on top but I did not really like that. Instead I take some milk on my fingertip and work it into the skin just as I would with a cream. The good thing about this milk is since is is hypoallergenic I actually use it to remove the eye make and it works wonder. I am very pleased with it, will actually stick to this one. Another great benefit is while cleansing your skin it keeps it moisturised since it is milky.
  2. Spray some Thermal Spring Water, AVENE on your face on top on the milk then take a cotton pad and remove everything. You can repeat the process if you were wearing lot of make up.
  3. This one I use it every other day, is it just to boost the soothing effect of the routine. Redness Relief Soothing Mask, AVENE. Apply a thick layer on clean skin, leave for 10 minutes and remove excess with a cotton pad.
  4. The cream I use everyday is TOLERIANE, LA ROCHE POSAY, Sooting protective skincare. Its basically the most neutral cream ever. I have been appreciating it a lot also.

I am very pleased with my new routine and my skin has been doing great. I was really skeptical at first but it is really worth giving up some of the cosmetics products.


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