How to : No Make up Make up

Look Good the Natural Way

What is a no make up make ? Well, looking like you have no make up on when you actually do. The key word is BLENDING. Making sure that the texture blends in your own skin, of course you have the use the appropriate products that will enable you to do so. The texture you need to go for need to be blendable, they need to be able to stretch out of your skin and not stay on the surface but actually melt in your skin.


The foundation is probably the hardest one to get right, most of the time people look like they have masks on because they are not blending the product. Of course the more converge you are building the harder it will be to look natural.

When choosing a foundation, something like a colour corrector or a BB cream is ideal because they are already diluted with a cream. You can also take your own foundation and mix it with your cream.

I have tried numerous products and I think that my top foundation is sill the Armani one. Even though it is not a BB cream or a colour corrected it gives me very light coverage because I only use it for a hint of colour.

I think that imperfection are what makes you YOU. They define you so if you hide them all away under foundation you choose look like a perfect canvas but you become impersonal.

After my La Mer routine I spray my face with a MIST which is also one of my allies. Mists help you blend the texture together and make everything look smoother. I apply my foundation to my stippling brush and then spray the brush with my mist and then I start applying to my face in circular motions again it really doesn’t have to be precise since the products is already diluted.

After my foundation I do use a concealer my favorite for year is the Maybeline one. I apply it underneath my eyes, side of the nose and bridge of the nose. I blend it with the same brush so everything look even. I don’t think it useful to change brush for everything because you only add new products each time while anyways they are all mixing on your face anyhow.


I then do my brows again very quickly with the Dior pen I use one side to brush them and the other to fill them in. I always like to go over the brows with the same brush I used for foundation to blur out any harsh lines.

I then use some powder very lightly just some translucent one with a multitasking brush I use under the eyes nose and forehead basically on the t zone. Final step to skin is my bronze I make sure I choose a mat bronzer with a taupe undertone other I look orange. Again I apply it lightly on my cheekbones, hairline and jaw line. If you feel like you have some harsh lines just take your foundation brush on sweep over them.


Onto the eyes, I take the same bronzer and a thick crease brush and I cover the whole eyelid with it. Don’t be afraid it won’t look weird it will only give you definition and make your eyes look bigger. Final step to eyes is curling the eyes lash that s extremely important it’s something I will never skip. Then I apply a coat of a mascara that separates the lashes, that elongated them as opposed to one that give them fullness because it wouldn’t look natural.


Last but not least the lips. I like to use a toothbrush almost everyday day to exfoliate my lips and get the blood flowing it makes them look plumber and gives them a flush of color. For a natural look I will only use a liner that mimics the shade of my lips. I will overdraw a little. Then apply a lip balm to take over the harsh line of the liner. Sometimes I finish with a splash of mist on top.

Hope you enjoy this !

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