How to : Laser for Redness

Laser your Rosacea off

Today I went to get a Laser treatment for my rosacea. I went to a Laser Centre in Paris called Laser Vernes. First I had a consultation with the dermatologist to explain my expectations and to see what we could achieve. He warned me there would be downtime. There are two way to go about it, the aggressive way called Purpura and the soft way.

I choose the soft way since I did not want any social eviction. After cleansing my skin he put my protection goggles on and the treatment starts. First he does a tiny patch to see how my skin reacts and how much bruising I could get that depends on the number of vessels that are beneath the skin. My first patch went purple meaning I have a lot of vessels, since I did not want to be very bruised I asked him to lower the intensity. Clearly the effectiveness of the treatment is measured by the intensity of the machine. The stronger the better and longer lasting the effects will be. He treated my whole face, he went over the areas only one so it lasted about 10 mins.

This photo was taken before the treatment, my rosacea is quite diffuse which is the hardest one to get rid of.

It is quite painful but since its short it is manageable. After the treatment no more pain at all, no sensation of heat or anything it goes back to normal. He gives you a healing cream that you apply thickly all over.

This photo was taking right after the treatment, the skin is still red like a sunburn. The purples areas are the ones where the blood vessels are very concentrated so they pop. Those will take a longer time to heal up to 2 weeks. Its basically the hemoglobin that comes up to the surface and needs time to dissipate.

The picture under was taking around 30 mins post treatment. You can clearly see that the redness has reduced immensely but that the darker spots stayed.

In about a week time my skin should really clear up and the final result will start showing.

I will post some new pictures to see the evolution of it.

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