How to : Get red of your redness

Ending your HATE affair with ROSACEA 

I started getting a condition called rosacea around in high school around 16 years old. At first you dont really understand what it is you just get really red and any kind of emotions makes it worse. Research for rosacea was very not advanced at that time so apart from using make up to cover it up I could not do much else and it was frustrating.

Its only couple years later after lots of research I decided to get laser done : it changed my face and my life! Anyone who has rosacea should get laser. There are two type of laser depending on your form of rosacea. One of them is called KTP and the other IPL. KTP is used on spider veins and any veins that are really visible, it give you less side effects some say that it is less strong that IPL i disagree I have been doing both since 6 years now they just have different scopes. I have a mix of diffuse rosacea and veins. I use both IPL for the spread out rosacea and KPT for the small veins like the one located on the side of the nose. The hardest ones to get rid of is the one that is spread out.


The downtime unfortunately is long, your face can swell up, get really red and bruises can appear. Again trust me its REALLY WORTH IT. After couple of days you notice that your skin becomes way wither and clearer. After a month the skin starts to look great, no more flushes.  It is defenitly a life changing treatment and you should  not be scared to get it it cannot go wrong, yes for the week following the treatment you will look scary (again depending on your type of rosacea) but it will all clear up to a better and healthier looking skin.

Im going for a laser treatment today actually I will make sure to take some photos in order to show you how it works and how my skin will look after the treatment and in the next couple of days.

If you are not ready yet for a laser treatment or you are just a perfectionnist you can try out some creams that will also really help with your skin condition. I have tried numerous creams and to be honnest one of the best range I came across is one that recently came out : The Dr.Jart Tiger Grass Range. The range consists of 4 products, one serum, one cream, one mask and one colour correcting treatment. I bought the serum and the colour correcting treatment and I am extremely happy with them. The serum is the first step it moisturizer a lot.

I use the serum first followed by the cream. The cream melts in the skin and the green cancel the red, it can be used as just a color corrected under your foundation. I think the coverage is great especially for a day look so lately I’ve been only using this cream as a foundation routine. It gives me enough coverage whilst canceling the redness. It’s a great product.

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