How To : Charcoal Mask

CHARCOAL it out OUT of your SKIN

1. Choosing the right mask
There are so many different Charcoal Masks on the market that it is actually hard to choose. I decided to go with a brand that I already use called Masque Bar. This brand sell in the UK. This is how it looks like:

2. The application

Well the texture is not like all the other mask you are used to. It very thick and actually not that easy to apply evenly. Anyways you ll get the hang of it after you try couple of times. Make sure you don’t get too close to any facial hair or hairline because it will HURT. This mask is EXTREMELY STICKY. Which is a good thing because it needs a certain aderance in order to suck all the dirt out of your skin.

3. Peel off

SO I thought the peeling off would be the fun part IT IS NOT. it is PAINFUL. I have very thin skin so I didn’t have the best time taking it off. However since is it so sticky its really takes off everything that is on your skin. It help a lot with the pores and the black spots. I would not recommend on a daily basis use especially for people with thin skin like myself. I probably do it once every two month but I don’t have that many pores.


I preferred not to go in between my brows in case I would get some on them because it is too painful really.

Other that that it is a great product that help clear out all the dirt in your skin.


You can purchase it here :

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