How to : Pack efficiently

Packing… just the word ANNOYED ME. I was travelling 6 month out of the year so I was basically living out of a suitcase. When I started travelling a lot I would take 2 days to pack and OVERPACK enormously. When I arrived at destination I realised that I only need 1/3 of what I took. It only with experience you learn how to pack efficiently.

1.Buying the right pieces

Yes packing is made easy when you actually have the RIGHT pieces. I used to buy thing just because I liked them and I thought I would wear them sometimes anyways. That was the wrong mindset I had. It is so much EASIER to PACK when you actually have basic piece in your wardrobe. Piece you can easily mix and match and that suit any occasion. To that you add couple of seasonal items to spice it up.

2. DO NOT buy items that are HARD TO WEAR.

Items that are hard to wear would be like tops with both RUFFLES AND LOTS OF COLOURS, SEQUINS, TOO MUCH MESH AND LACE. The problem with pieces that have too much things going on is that they are extremely hard to pair. You might actually be able to pair them but only with one or two pieces in your wardrobe. So each time you travel you would need to take these special items that fit. This is OVERPACKING.

3. Basic does not mean boring

One could think that is her clothes are basic she would look dull but that is not the case it’s all about the right associations. When you buy basic pieces they can be color block but they could have some cleavage or be short and trust me that’s much better than having so much going on. Simplicity is always the best motto. You will look more sharp and nett.

4. Wardrobe sorted time for packing

Now that your wardrobe is easily adaptable to every need you will see how easy it is to pack. Lets say you are leaving away for a week to a destination in Europe.

This is what would go into my suitcase

Let’s say you have 6 nights there and usually on vacation you are out every night so you need 6 outfits

  • 2 pair of jeans : high waisted, one blue one black
  • 2 bodysuits : one black one beige
  • 1 pants : high waisted black skinny pant
  • 1 dress
  • 1 blazer
  • 2 sweaters
  • 1 flat boot
  • 1 black simple pump


– 1 high knee boot ( multi purpose because of the small heel day/night look)
– 1 pair sneakers
– one gym outfit with 2 tops in case
– one bathing suit
– one day bag the one you travel with
– one evening back 

If you want me to continue my post with more details please let me know xxx

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