How To : Gym Goddess

Who says you wont meet you SOULMATE at the GYM

How annoying is it to look at all these Instagram pictures where girls are working out and they don’t have one droplet of sweat coming out. Their hair looks perfect, their skin glowy and they OUTFIT always on point. GRRRRR annoying right !!! Well I can help you with the outfit part, I have picked out some great pieces from more affordable than others to suits every need!

1. Stick to high waist

When it comes to choosing your style, whether you are skinny or curvy stick to highwaisted. Why? It will elongate your legs, give the illusion of slimmer limbs. If you want to wear a sport bra but do not have a flat stomach at the moment dont worry these high waisted pants are the solution. You can still have some skin showing and not worry about it. Here is a selection of HIGH WAISTED leggings from Alo and Forever 21.

2. Do not be scared to show some cleavage!

Yes you are going to the gym so what? Who said you cannot look good and be sexy. I think that you can show some part of your body especially that you are working hard for it so why not show off! Also don’t be scared to wear some fancy bras!

There are so many great pieces out there that are very affordable, Nike is great but its expensive and the pieces just all look alike so go have some fun and choose some real creative and sexy pieces!

You will make some heads turn around at the gym xxx

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