How to : Bodysuits


1. An upcoming trend

Bodysuits were often looked upon as underwear. However more and more designer start incorporating bodysuits in their outwear and guess what? They are making a killing. Bodysuits really complement one’s figure, even if one is curvy, it will only outline the breast and shrink the waist. The new generation of bodysuits are comfortable. I have been the biggest fan of bodysuits since ages, I used to wear the underwear ones as outerwear till Wolford finally made one of the first outerwear bodysuits!

2. How to choose your fit

As I said before the models are numerous so anyone can find their happiness. I personally stick with the basics myself. I think there is nothing sexier than a bodysuit and a high waisted jean for any occasion. For the day you can wear a turtleneck bodysuit and for the evening you switch up and choose one with a cleavage. My wardrobe probably consists of 30 percent of them. Once you try them you will see you will not be able to wear anything else.

3. Which Brands to Select 

I have surfed the internet some many many hours trying to find new bodysuits, I have bought every single brand there is available. If i had to choose I would definitely go for Alix and Wolford. They deliver very good quality pieces that you can wash easily and wear on every occasion.

I try to stick to very basic colours especially if you do not have that many. They are easy to mix and match.



I wear them mainly with Levi’s Jeans because they have great High Waisted Jeans.

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