How to : Get Healthier Hair

Every girl dreams of that amazing MANE but with the blowdryer, the numerous dyes and factors like pollution well hair just get dull and tired. I’ll admit getting great hair is A LOT of work because you need to follow some steps regularly. Consistency is key. After all your hair is as important as the skin on your face, it affects your confidence in a multiple ways. So let’s kick some life into your hair!

1. Everything starts from the roots!

DO NOT neglect your scalp. It may seems weird or funny but actually treating your scalp is as important if not more than your actual hair. WHY? Take the example of your skin, if your pores are clogged your skin will look uneven and dull right? Well its the same for hair. You need to make sure your scalp is in great condition. Scalp can have numerous problems like dandruff that directly affect the hair growth. What happens when your scalp if neglected, the bulb suffocates, your hair can not longer grow as it should. Thus your hair starts thinning and looking dull. Therefore my first advice to you if to invest in an scalp treatment such as an oil. I use the AESOP, Sage and Cedar Scalp Oil. 

2. Treat your scalp

As said before your scalp is important. What I found very useful is to massage your scalp. There are three main mouvements you need to perform. First you need to massage in circular motion with your fingers in order to jump start the microcirculation. Second, a pinching massage, you take your fingers and pinch the skin in between, that liberates the bulb in order for it to breath. Last but not least, you need to perform a vacuum motion with the whole hand one on top on the other. Do this after having applied the oil. In a month you will start to notice a real difference.

3. Give you ends some lovin’

After having nurtured your scalp you can now feed your ends. I am a big fan of oils in general. SO or my end I will also apply oil. I like the natural brands better. I use the Rene Furterer, Karite Nutri, Huile Nutrition Intense. I apply it all over my hair because I have very thick hair and it does not grease easy. So I make sure to coat every strand. You can leave it on a minimum of 20 minutes, I try to leave it overnight for further nutrition.




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