How to : Fresh Skin Onbard

We all travel and long haul flights sucks the hydration out of you and your skin. It suffers greatly, when you arrive it usually looks tired and dull. You can avoid that by making small changes in your travelling routine. The key word is HYDRATION.

1.Take your makeup OFF

First thing you should do on a long haul flight is take your makeup off. Indeed your skin is already gonna dry off because of the lack of oxygen and you are gonna suffocate it if your leave your makeup on because your pores will be clogged! So many sure to bring some wipes with you and once you settle it, take everything off. Try to choose wipes that are very soft and have lots of moisture inside such as Garnier, Micellar Cleansing Wipes or Simple, Kind to SKin Micellar Cleansing  wipes.

2. Don’t be shy to Mask it out

Yes this may seem a little drastic to put a mask on your face while traveling next to other people but your skin will thank you for that. Take a sheet mask with you and place it on the skin after you have taken your makeup off. This will really moisturize your skin pre flight. I am a big fan of mask sheet in general, some of my favorites are Garnier, Skin Active, Hydra Bomb, Dr.Jart, Vital Hydra Solution and Masque Bar, Brightening Sheet Mask. 

3. Mist it out as well !

After your sheet mask you rub the excess serum into your skin that should be enough for the moment. However some flight are really long, so your skin might start to feel dry again. In that case get a mist. Mists are a great way to refresh and balance your skin out. I use mists all the time I don’t need a particular occasion. However I always carry my travel mist with me especially when on the plane. For short flight if you can’t afford to take your makeup off you can also just spray your skin from time to time. My favorites are Melvita Rose Water and Caudalie, Beauty Elixir. The great thing about both is they actually come in travel sizes.


4. Keep Hydrating!

Of course DO NOT FORGET to drink plenty of liquids during the flight, try to stick to water. Beverages like sodas or alcohol will only bloat you.

Hope you enjoy this xxx

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