How to : Get Bigger Looking Lips

Don’t we all dream about that voluptuous, sensual LIP. Not all of us are born the same, some are blessed with a great pair of lips, some not that much… But don’t worry there are couple of tips and trick that will make your POUT look very LUSCIOUS!


Yes you heard right, exfoliation is the first step to a more sensual mouth. The skin of your lips needs just the same amount of attention as the rest! It needs a good exfoliant! Your lips have the same composition as the rest of your skin just the layer are thinner. What you need to do is buy a good lip scrub. When you apply makeup on your skin and you did not exfoliate before it will look flakky. The sames goes for the lips, you need a clean canvas for your lipstick to go on smooth! My favorite one by far is the Fresh Sugar Lip Polish.

Sometimes you not not have that on hand. You can simply use a TOOTHBRUSH. It may sound weird but its gentle enough for you lips and it will take the dead skin off. Another benefit of doing these scrubs your lips will actually swell a bit making them look plumer!

2. Hydrate

Same as for skin after having used an exfoliator you need to hydrate to bring moisture to the area. You can used any kind of lip balm but I like to go the extra mile. The one I use is actually classified as medicine for irritated skin, Homeoplasmine For Skin Irritation. I apply a good layer and let it sit for a while so it penetrates.

3. Contouring

Yes you use the same technique as you would use for face contouring. You are gonna create the illusion of bigger lips just like you would create the illusion of killer cheekbones. The key word here is OVERDRAWING. Yes you hear right you should not be scared. Make sure you pick a pencil that is the exact of very close to the color of your own lip. Then draw around by exaggerating and DO NOT FORGET to fill in the whole lip. The colour that I found best suited for that is Charlotte Tilbury, Pillow Talk. It really mimics the colour of your lips.

4. Use Matte Lipstick

Matte Lipstick will really make the results appear better. Indeed the matte lipstick is more covering than a regular one. Meaning you can go over the line you drew with the lipliner. The results will look more natural. My favorites are still Charlotte Tilbury, I have tried so many and by far they really do a GREAT job. They have a VELVETY structure to them. For the lipstick you can play around with different colours, lighter, darker. I usually stick to three of them. Charlotte Tilbury, Matte Revolution in Pillow Talk, Secret Salma and Bond Girl. 



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