How to : LA MER Beauty Routine

My beauty routine consists of four products. During the day usually stick to three but before bedtime I add a booster in order to make the treatment even more complete.

  1. Never Skip the Eye Cream !

I always start with my eye cream its called The Eye Concentrate. You only need a little amount that you deposit under your eyes. You then use a little tool that is given with the cream, it ia a little plastic stick with a metal ball at the end. Before each use you put that device in the fridge in order for it to be cold so it can depuff you eye bags. So after applying the cream you take the stick and roll the ball underneath your eyes and under your browns giving it a lymphatic massage that will drains the exces fluid that creates does bags. lamereeyerescto.jpg

The texture of the eye cream is kind of gel ish therefore very refreshing yet soothing.


The second step in my beauty routine is the Renewal Oil, its a biphase oil. Its extremely easy to apply couple drops needed and you massage them onto your skin after have shaken the product so both phases mix.

I always lameroil-e1516641011640.jpg

2. Add Boosters 

In the evenings I always add a fourth step in order to make my routine even more complete and packed with youth enhancing particles. Indeed La Mer has released what they call ” Miracle Broth ” which is actually the essence they base all their products on. The molecule who comes from years of marine research trying to find a cure for burnt skin. Indeed the founder of the brand Dr Max Huber had a laboratory incident in his career which has left him with wide burns. He decided to use marine seafood treated with the art of bio fermentation to come up with that “Miracle Broth”. It took him 12 years of research and 6000 experiments to finally find his solution. The appearance of his skin drastically improved. Here is what the Ultime Essence looks like.


You only need four drops on 4 of your fingers and a massage that is described in the booklet sold with the cream


3. Heaven in a Jar 

Last but not least the cream. Yes this is the first product that the founder came up with. It it sold in 4 different textures. I use the Moisturizing Soft Cream which is not too heavy yet very comforting. This is usually what people get if they want a product from La Mer because even if it just a cream it is extremely complete and sometimes when I am in a rush I will only use it alone.



So there you go this is my beauty routine I hope you get to try these products one they they are clearly fantastic.



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