How To : Get The Perfect Blowdry

I was blessed with very thick yet curly hair, in high school when I started to get interested in boys I understand that something should be done with my hair. That is when my Blowdry story started. Since high school I have been doing my own blow dries 2 to 3 times a week. It is just part of my life now. However at the beginning I did struggle a little with the right balance. Here is what you need to know.

1. Prepping

Prepping is as important as the actual blowdry. It is the base to your canvas. Indeed you are getting your hair ready to get blowdried.

Your hair needs to be clean first of all. I recommend using a sulfate free shampoo. I usually wash it once just not to strip it out too much. CONDITIONING is a MUST. You cannot get a good blow dry if your hair is dry so invest in a good one. Once that is done you need to apply some protection into your hair. Imagine that your hair will receive very high heat for a period of time. At some point it will get damaged. So use protection, it can be in any format, oil, cream, spray… Now you can comb your hair, do it after you applied your products it will only help them untangle. Now your hair is READY.

I like to change my shampoo and conditioner every couple of month so my hair does not get to used to it. Lately I have been using Lernberger Stafsing For Dry Hair. For Stylist I still use my all time favorite for years, Kerastase, Nectar Thermique, Polishing nourishing milk.

2. The RIGHT Tools

For a good blow dry you need to have the right tools. First you need a good blow dryer, one that blows enough hot air for your to be able to style your hair. Second, you need the right brush depending on the style you want and your hair type. I usually go for a big round brush it just makes it easier and faster. Third, you need the right hair clips to be able to part your hair in different section to make it much easier.

When it comes to choosing your hair drier I think there are many good ones on the market. I have been using the Babyliss Pro Speed 2100W. The brush is a new find, I came across it less than 6 months ago and cannot switch to something else anymore. I adore it. It give incredible shine, it is very lightweight and really bumps up the volume. It is the Goody Style Round Brush.

3. Finishing touches

One you have finished your blowdry it is essential you add a serum or a oil on the ends. They just got heated a lot they need extra moisture to keep their health. Not only will you make them look better you will also treat them.

As you can see I use A LOT of oil in my hair. Since my hair is of a dry nature I need to keep it nourished. I try to mix it up with oils so they don’t get used to one. My favorite would still probably be the Dessange Absolue Legende Oil, extremely lightweight, penetrates in an instant. My second favorite is the Shu Emura Essence Absolue, perfecting oil. Very good for coarse hair, sometimes too heavy. The L’Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil does a very good job but has more silicone inside. Lastly, Schwarzkopf, Oil-licious is a good styling oil bring some lustre and tames the hair pretty well.

There you go hope you enjoy this, if you have any questions do not hesitate. Xxx

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