SuperBrand Haul

I have had these products in my collection for a while and I wanted to review them. I do not believe that high end products are better. They say that the products used are less chemical. The reality is that everything that surrounds us has chemical nowadays.

SuperBrand = SuperGood ?

Yes the packaging of course are better, simply because their budgets are higher but is the content really better? I agree that looks are very important and a lot of consumer will buy a products based only on their looks. It is pure Marketing. In your bathroom certainly the bottle will look better standing there than a grocery store one. So the question is can you find both looks and quality inside a high end bottle. Let’s put these five foundation to the test.

  1. TOM FORD, Traceless Foundation SPF 15 in 02 Pale Dune

I disagree with the name because it is not traceless on the contrary. When blended it leave marks. However the luminosity to it is nice but I cannot deal with a foundation that does not blend. I would rate it 5/10.

2. LA PRAIRIE, Skin Caviar Concealer/Foundation SPF 15 in Peach

Big disappointment, I think that their skincare line is great especially for mature skin but this foundation just does not work. The concealer is very cakey, impossible to blend, the colours do not match at all. The concealer is way to peachy. The packaging of course is nice. Shame, I will rate is 4/10.

3. DIOR, Hydra Life, Water BB, Moisturizing Tinted Aqua Gel Immediate Beauty, SPF 30 in 020

I am pleasantly surprised with this one, I would say it is very close to the Chanel Aqua Lumiere one. It blends out nice, has a great glow, water based. The packaging is simple but effective, I enjoy the small format of it. I will rate it 7/10.

      4. DIOR, Diorskin Nude, BB Creme, Nude Glow Skin Perfecting Beauty Balm, SPF 10 in 003

This one is the opposite of its sister’s above. I really was not satisfied by it. Very thick, cakey, red toned colour. Just does not work. Packaging is convenient.  3/10.

     5. SAINT LAURENT, Youth Liberator, Serum Foundation in B30

I am usually fond of Saint Laurent beauty products but this one does not respond to its expectations. The texture is too thick, does not blend as I would expect it too. Has some glow to it and the colour is not bad. Not a fan of the packaging, even though the bottle is glass the design is not appealing. 5/10.

     6. GIVENCHY, Teint Couture Balm, BLurring Foundation Balm, Bare Skin Perfector SPF 15, one shade.

The promise of this foundation or balm is blur out your imperfection. It should be way more lightweight for that. The colour is too intense unless you mix it with your dailey cream it does not work. The name does not match the packaging. They named it Couture Balm but the bottle is just plastic with a silver cap. 3/10.

I hope you enjoy this xxx

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