How to : Get your Glow ON

Glow Comes From Within

Glowy, dewy skin is something that any girl dreams off! It makes you look fresh and youth full but why is it so hard to get it?

Glow in my opinion is something that you work inside out. It is not only applying some highlighter to your skin! It is a whole process to make your skin look smoother, more radiant and it starts with your insides.

Skin is the reflection of what you eat and your lifestyle. In order to look good you need to eat well. Eating chocolate all day everyday will definitely not get your Glow ON. You need to have a balance diet with all the nutrients you need to give you skin the possibility to regenerate correctly thus produce enough collagen to make you look plump. There are also some supplements that you can of course, some people look dull because they are lacking some minerals or vitamins in their diet. I usually prefer to stick to just adding some elements in my diet instead of taking pills but sometimes it is hard. I often have anemia, lack or Iron in my blood this really show on my skin so I have to take supplements.

Go get yourself a blood test to check your minerals and vitamins! They are the fundament to your body functioning properly.

There are also other paths you can explore if you are really into your skin you can look at your liver function and your intestinal flora. All is connected, if your liver is not functioning at its maximal capacity then no matter what you do you will never get the total benefits. The first thing in any cleanse is to detoxify your liver. Once that is done you need to re establish a healthy environment in your intestines in order for all the vitamins and minerals to be absorbed correctly.

Glow Bright Like A Diamond

One you have taken care of the ‘inside’ part of it you can start to take care of the outside. For a skin to look fresh it need to be clean. First step to any Glowing skin is exfoliation. There are numerous option out there I have found one that suits me and that is the chemical one. It is from an Italian brand called Bakel

It’s a very quick peel you only leave it on for 5 minutes then rinse it of. Leaves your skin looking very soft! Some people can feel a tingling sensation. It is due to the acid it contains.

Once the peel is done its time for HYDRATION. A glowy skin is a skin that is totally hydrated. Estée Lauder released an Iron mask last year and I was very excited to try it since I love their Advanced Night Repair Serum. This mask uses the same ingredients but it’s more concentrated. After having tried it I was very pleased with the results. It leaves your skin very hydrated, glowy and dewy exactly what I was expecting.


Last but not least, as you all know Charlotte Tilbury is my favorite skin care and make up brand. Last year they released a new product. Overnight Bronze and Glow Mask. It is a overnight hydrating flawless tan mask.The promise is kept you wake up looking sun kissed.

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