How to : Get Tighter Skin With ACCENT

Radiofrequency : Treatment of the future ? 

With age skin sags that s a reality, no one surpass the law of gravity unfortunately. With scientific advances, the aesthetic field is finding new solution to keep you looking youth full the longest possible. One of the main concerns of ageing women is the quality of the skin that is deteriorating. One can go to the gym as much as she wants but unfortunately at one point it will start sagging. The latest advances in the medical field are Radio frequencies. They are waves that when in contact with your skin will force it to produce new collagen cells. Collagen is what keep your skin tight and firm, so if you activate that process your skin s appearance will improve. I did a lot of research on that matter and I think that one of the best Laboratories for Laser is Alma Lasers. They are very high tech performant lasers that really deliver their promises.

I decided to try it out of myself. My friend Ruth Niddam owns an aesthetic center in the 8th arrondissement in Paris. She has all the cutting edge treatment and when she tells me something is good I really trust her. I went for my appointment, each session last about one hour, there is no pain just a little sensation of heating. She treats one zone at a time. The machine she uses is the ACCENT PRIME.


All the photos published are publishes with the consent of my friend’s Aesthetic Center.




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