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Vernissage : Russian Savoir Faire in Paris 

I have been trying out so many salons since I am extremely picky (yes I know its very annoying) but I need the shape to be half square round, they need to keep the length even if not all nails are equal (they really start hating me there), the colors well they approve of the mix till it is on my nail and so on… Basically I am a pain but I know what I want and I am paying for it.

I usually got for French Manicure so a nude nail polish with a white tip look easy but actually for the tip to be perfect the beautician needs to have a good hand. So after trying so many salons I found my match, its called Vernissage and it is owned by a Russian Girl, needless to say everyone in there speaks russian and this makes me feel home.

These are some pictures of the Salon, there is also a little room downstairs where you find two pedicure chairs (could not take a picture there were too many people).

They do all the classics services any salon does, Mani, Pedi, Shellac and so on.

Three times a week a women comes in for Brow Grooming, I have not tried that yet. All I can say is that they are very professional, very clean and all very sweet you will spend a relaxing moment there.

Here is the price chart so you can have a look. It is pricey but it is worth it.

vernissage tarifs

You can visit the site by Clicking here

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